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To protect your products from the rain and the sun, and to make your cart look stylish you can buy a Horti-roof. The roof is completely custom-made and provided with your own logo, colours and/or text.

The roof faces towards one way and has a gentle slope. Your logo or any product information can easily be displayed on the part that goes straight down at the frontal part of the roof.

The practical design of the roof makes it possible for multiple roofed carts to stand next to each other.

The front of the roof has an overhang of 25 cm. The cart together with the roof will have a width of 85 cm. The height of the roof is adjustable by 40 cm which results in the minimum height being 192 cm and the maximum height being 232 cm.

The roof is made from bisonyl 510 grams (sail) and has a special water- and UV-resistent ink. This prevents the colour of the roof to fade away of exposure to the sun. The roof has a two year guarantee.

For more information, contact our customer service.

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