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About Horti Innovations

About Horti-Innovations

Horti-Innovations was founded in 1993 and focuses primarily on the development and sales of products for the horticultural industry.

Horti-Innovations is an innovative company that is quickly able to adapt to the demands of the market. Products arise which make the grower work more efficiently by working closely together with the end-user. By searching for the most simple solutions, affordable and trustworthy products emerge that directly meets the need of the market. The biggest strength of our products lie in their simplicity; therefore the costs are low and the operational reliability is high.

Horti Innovations mainly focuses on the development of variants and accessories for Danish trolleys and CC containers. Danish trolleys have been a staple in the horticultural industry for years. However, there are more and more sectors that begin to recognize the handiness of a Danish trolley. You can think of 'pop-up' stores that use the trolleys to arrange their store, distribution centers for internal transportation, or as a trolley for order picking and markets to present their goods. Thanks to the experience Horti Innovations has gained it can easily adapt to the desires of the customer. You can think of translating your idea to a blueprint, making a prototype, organizing mass production, sales and arranging transportation.

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