Horti-Flower with roof

With the Horti-Flower, you present your products in a professional way to your customer. With this complete package you have everything you need to display your flowers and plants out in the open without having to worry about anything.
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The Horti-Flower is designed to present your products to the customer the luxurious way. The base of the frame uses a Danish Trolley, and the standard shelves which are also used on a Danish trolley or CC container.

The awning protects your flowers or plants from the sun, and the you can fill the water tray with water. The irrigation mats ensures an even flow of the water and keeps your plants or flowers from burning or dehydrating.

It's also possible to feature your own logo on the awning, for more information about this please contact our customer service.

This complete package includes:

- Two Horti-Flower frames (For left and right).
- Two brackets for the Horti-Roof  system.
- Five poles for the Horti-Roof system
- One awning
- A Danish container chassis
- Two shelves and one flowerbucket rack (9x)130mm rings
- Two water trays
- Two irrigation mats


Height 200-215cm

Lenght 135cm

Width 85cm

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