Horti-Wrap for Danish trolley

The Horti-Wrap is a mechanical and solid wrapper, which allows you to quickly wrap your containers. The design has no sensitive (electronic) elements, and is therefore very suitable for the greenhouse climate.
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The Horti-Wrap is specially designed to replace the manual wrapping of DC containers. With this machine, you start and finish with a flat wrapping. The overlap can be adjusted smoothly (the speed at which the roller moves up). You still feed the sheets manually, so they will not get in between the posts. Thanks to its compact build, it only occupies a work space of 0.8 x 1.2 meters.
It has a solid design and comes with a 3 year full warranty.

The machine is controlled manually, but the roll moves up mechanically. This is why the Horti-Wrap does not contain any sensitive electric elements or electric power.

It is easy to use, so a complex manual is not necessary. See short video for a demonstration.
The carts can be easily turned. The entire cart wrapping process takes about 30 seconds. You may save up to 30% of the normal foil usage. You will not need any special wrapping for this machine. You can machine roll single sided, use perforated foil or net foil, all of which can be ordered from us.

In combination with our transportation cart the HortiWrap can be moved around very easily and manually.

This version of the Horti-Wrap comes with a frame suitable for Danish trolleys and a mast that is 2.45 metres high.
There is also a version with a frame for auction trolleys.

For other customised solutions, please contact our team.

Other extra options are the pole extension and stretchgewichten.

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