The Horti-Display is an excellent way to present your flowers, plants or any other product. With the Horti-Display you will give your presentation a professional look, and it is easy and convenient to use for you as well as your customer.
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The Horti-Display is designed to present your products in a professional way to your customers.
The Danish trolley is used as the base of the display which allows for the Horti-Display to be combined with a standard Danish trolley undercarriage and shelves.

The frame can easily be tilted to present your flowers, plants or any other products.

The standard Horti-Display consists of the undercarriage and two frames, the left and the right part, which replaces the uprights on a Danish or CC undercarriage.
The shelves, and the other products displayed in the image are not included.
The Horti-Display can be configured exactly to your needs by selecting the required products at the options.

The Horti-Display is also available in a complete package which includes a roof. This package can be found here Horti-Display complete with roof.
Our customer service can be contacted for any questions or comments.

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The choice between our different types of wheels depends on the usage and requirements.
To make the right choice it is important to know a few features of the wheels.

Rolling resistance and load capacity
Rolling resistance of the wheel is the resist to roll.
The lower the rolling resistance is the easier it is to move the trolley.

Loading capacity is the maximal weight that may be placed on one wheel.
The total loading capacity of the trolley is higher since the Danish trolley and CC trolley is provided with four wheels.
As a rule of thumb you can add the loading capacity of three wheels and take this as a total for the complete trolley.

When the loading capacity of one wheel for example 100kg counts, the maximum capacity of the trolley would be 300Kg.
This rule does not apply when the frame of the trolley is not designed for such weight.

Hard or soft wheels
Hard wheels have the benefit that the rolling resistance is very low.
This makes it easier to move heavier trolleys.

The downside of wheels made of hard plastic is they do not absorb bumps in the floor or ground.
As result you will face vibrations which cause noise and may cause damage tot he products on the trolley.

Soft wheels can absorb bumps much better.
The vibrations will be limited and the noise very low.

The bearing has an important role in the wheel. They form the crucial key between the rotating wheel and the fixed frame.
Our wheels are fabricated with a needle roller bearing or a ball bearing, depending on the type wheel.

Needle roller bearings are in general more durable as an ball bearing and they have a bigger resistance against water.
Ball bearings have a smaller contact point and therefore a lower rolling resistance. Ball bearings are also more silent as needle roller bearings.

You can find the different aspects of the wheel in the table below.
Additional technical specifications can be found on the product page of the wheel, click on the type number to go to the product page.

 Type wheel  

 Load capacity  

 Kind wheel   

 Kind bearing  

 Type 1


 Hard wheel

 Needle roller bearing

 Type 2


 Hard wheel

 Ball bearing

 Type 3


 Soft wheel

 Needle bearing

 Type 4


 Soft wheel

 Ball bearing

 Type 1 wheel  Type 2 wheel
Wheels for Danish trolley Type 2 wheel for Dutch trolley
 Type 3 wheel  Type 4 wheel
Type 3 wheel for CC trolley Type 4 wheel for CC container


Our Danish trolleys and auction carts come in various sizes. Below you can find a list of our trolleys and their respective sizes.


Danish container

The container base has a dimension of 135cm x 56.5 cm, and has a height of 25cm.
The stands are 180cm long, and when they're placed in the Danish trolley the total height amounts to 189.5cm

The weight of the base is around 14.5kg. The posts weigh around 2.28kg each.
A complete Danish container with posts weighs about 23.62 kg.

The standard shelves weigh 4.30kg each, and the heavier models with the 6mm hook weigh 6kg each. 
The plastic variants weigh 6 kg each and the steel shelves weigh 7kg each.

 Half Danish containers

The half Danish containers have a base that measures 67.5cm x 56.5cm, and a height of 25cm.
The posts usually have a length of 180cm, and once they're placed in the base the entire structure has a height of 189.5cm.

The base of this container weighs about 10.75 kg and the stands weigh 2.28 kg each. A complete trolley with stands weights 19.87 kg altogether.
The shelves weigh 2.95 kg each.

Retail trolleys

The base of the retail trolleys measures 81cm x 61cm, and are 25cm high.
Standard Danish container stands go in the retail trolleys. These have a length of 180 cm and once placed in the base the entire structure has a height of 189.5 cm.

The base of the retail trolleys have a weight of 11.5 kg and the stands weigh 2.28 kg each. The entire retail trolley (with stands) weighs 20.62kg.
The shelves weigh 2.95 kg. 

Auction trolleys

The auction trolleys have a base with the dimensions of 131cm x 102cm. 
The auction trolley comes standard with standard posts which have a length of 180cm. 
The entire structure has a height of 189.5 cm once the posts are placed in the base.


HortiDisplays are made based on a Danish container, with the dimensions 135cm x 56.5 cm. The frame has a height of 163cm, and without the awning the HortiDisplay measures 173.5 cm high.
With the awning the HortiDisplay is 217cm high, and the awning has unfolded a maximal width of 115cm. 

The frame can be unfolded to your preferences, the maximal width of the frame is 130cm.