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With the narrow cover for the Danish cart, your products on the Danish cart are protected from outside influences.

The protective strip keeps your flowers or plants inside the Danish cart. This prevents protruding branches from being damaged. The cover also protects your products from falling over and strong winds.

The cover is made of two parts of vinyl mesh and features a standard gray print. With elastics, the long part at the desired height to the cart attached. Then, the short part by means of two wide velcro straps to the long part attached. The elastic bands provide the correct tension on the cover, thus preventing it from being stretched too slack or it from sagging.

The narrow cover is standard 40cm high and covers an average height between two plates. By packing the layers separately, order pickers or delivery drivers can easily reach the layers without having to unpack the entire cart. The short part of the cover is easily detached by pulling the Velcro from each other....

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