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With this cover you can protect your cart and the products it is holding from exposure to the elements. The cover is made from a fiber that has small holes in it that allow the plants to breathe freely and to prevents any forming of condensation.
The cover holds your plants and flowers in the cart which prevents any branches from poking out. It also protects the products from falling over and harsh winds.

The cover is made up of a two-part vinyl mesh that comes standard in a grey colour. With the cover being stretchable, the cart can be covered on any desired height. The sides of the cart are protected with the velcro part of the cover. The elastics inside the cover allow it to have the right tension and prevent the cover from slipping. The velcro allows for easy removal of the cover

The small version of the cover is 40 cm tall, making appropriate for covering two average sized plants. By packaging the layers independently, the orderpickers and deliverers have easy access to them.

When ordered in larger amounts, the covers can be custom-made using your own print, design, or logo. For more information on this you can contact our customer service.

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