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Auctioncarts are widely used in the Flora Holland flowerauction. These carts are used for transporting flowers during auction. One cart can hold up to nine large flower buckets and sixteen small flower buckets. This cart can also be used for regular transport or orderpicking large products and orders.

The auctioncart comes with a standard clutch which makes attaching the cart to a VBA easy, however the plates are not interchangeable. The base of the cart comes in aluminum. Wood shelving is also possible on request and allows a higher load capacity.

The standard dimensions for the posts are 180 cm long and 1.8 mm thick. Optional would be a thicker post of 2.3 mm or our thickest post of 2.5 mm thick which is made from hot dip galvanized steel.
The carts come standard with thick rubber wheels

Plates are sold separately.



Our Danish trolleys and auction carts come in various sizes. Below you can find a list of our trolleys and their respective sizes.


Danish container

The container base has a dimension of 135cm x 56.5 cm, and has a height of 25cm.
The stands are 180cm long, and when they're placed in the Danish trolley the total height amounts to 189.5cm

The weight of the base is around 14.5kg. The posts weigh around 2.28kg each.
A complete Danish container with posts weighs about 23.62 kg.

The standard shelves weigh 4.30kg each, and the heavier models with the 6mm hook weigh 6kg each. 
The plastic variants weigh 6 kg each and the steel shelves weigh 7kg each.

 Half Danish containers

The half Danish containers have a base that measures 67.5cm x 56.5cm, and a height of 25cm.
The posts usually have a length of 180cm, and once they're placed in the base the entire structure has a height of 189.5cm.

The base of this container weighs about 10.75 kg and the stands weigh 2.28 kg each. A complete trolley with stands weights 19.87 kg altogether.
The shelves weigh 2.95 kg each.

Retail trolleys

The base of the retail trolleys measures 81cm x 61cm, and are 25cm high.
Standard Danish container stands go in the retail trolleys. These have a length of 180 cm and once placed in the base the entire structure has a height of 189.5 cm.

The base of the retail trolleys have a weight of 11.5 kg and the stands weigh 2.28 kg each. The entire retail trolley (with stands) weighs 20.62kg.
The shelves weigh 2.95 kg. 

Auction trolleys

The auction trolleys have a base with the dimensions of 131cm x 102cm. 
The auction trolley comes standard with standard posts which have a length of 180cm. 
The entire structure has a height of 189.5 cm once the posts are placed in the base.


HortiDisplays are made based on a Danish container, with the dimensions 135cm x 56.5 cm. The frame has a height of 163cm, and without the awning the HortiDisplay measures 173.5 cm high.
With the awning the HortiDisplay is 217cm high, and the awning has unfolded a maximal width of 115cm. 

The frame can be unfolded to your preferences, the maximal width of the frame is 130cm. 

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