ECC2 Coupling hook CC

With the silver colored ECC2 draw bar for Danish trolleys and CC containers, it is possible to create a train out of you trolleys and containers.
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Horti Innovations offers a wide range of couplers for any situation.

The silver ECC2 is designed to form a train of Danish trolleys or CC containers. The draw bar can be hooked on the back of the posts. This makes for a very safe and stable connection. Thanks to its design, the coupler is trailing so you do not have to worry about Danish trolleys cutting corners anymore.

The coupler is suitable for ramps, and in combination with our EEC1 on the foremost container, the train can be coupled to any vehicle that can also pull the new Flora Holland auction carts. In combination with the ECC11 a double or triple train can be made. You can create a maximum of 12 trains, or three cart next to each other, which adds up to a total of 36 carts!

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