The ECC42 is an ergonomic version of the ECC32, which allows you to create a train of two rows.
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The ECC42 is the ergonomic version of the ECC32, which enables you to connect four Danish trolleys or CC containers together in two rows of two.

The coupling piece can be easily placed between stands without having to bend over and can also be removed just as effortlessly by using the handle that is mounted onto it. The carts will not sway as much when using the ECC42 compared to the ECC32 and the ECC22. The coupler needs to be placed on carts that follow the turning side of the Danish trolley or CC container at the front. The pivoting hook is placed between the right stand of the left cart in the front row.

This coupler can easily be used when making slight turns, but is less suitable for sharp turns.
If needed, the ECC42 coupler can be equipped with a tow bar coupler instead of a hook, so the Danish trolleys or CC containers can be coupled to be used as a trailer.

For more information on the ECC42 coupler or our other couplers, contact our customer service.

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