Wipponcar 4x4

The 4x4 version of the wipponcar has 4 wheels and a handle. This makes creating a train of wipponcars possible which can be pulled with an electric vehicle. This makes the 4x4 wipponcar perfect for the transportation of Danish trolleys and CC containers over soft surfaces such as ground covers or tiny gravel.
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One of our newest means of transportation is the Danish trolley Wipponcar 4x4 made by designer Peter van Schie and bedding plant grower Peter van der
Plas. The previous version had larger tires which made it impossible for the bottom layer of the
Danish trolley to be loaded with a hand pallet truck. The only options were to either
bend over deeply to reach it or leave the bottom layer empty. The new Wipponcar has four
smaller wheels, which makes the bottom layer accessable with a pallet truck.
They can be coupled to up to six carts in a row. Because the wheels are
centered, the cart is able to turn on the spot. This makes it possible to
turn a train of six carts on a center aisle of two meters wide without
having to disconnect them. The Horti-Trike, an electric vehicle of 115 kg
with air tires, is suitable to drive over a lava field without leaving marks.
This saves a lot of manual hassle with Danish trolleys.
This variant is also available with wider, larger wheels made for driving over a very soft surface.

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