Trike 1200

The Trike 1200 can pull up to 1200 kg and is easy to control, which makes it very useful when working in a warehouse or at an airport.
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The Trike 1200 has a tensile weight of 1200 kg which makes it ideal for transporting heavy cargo. Robustly built and able to perform well, even with heavy cargo, the Trike 1200 is the ideal machine for working in large warehouses, airports and factories. Combined with the ECC13 and the fact that it is easy to control, this Trike serves many purposes. We also offer various other connectors that make it possible to connect the Trike 1200 to a delivery bus, Danish carts and CC containers.

Batteries and charger will be included with your order. The Trike 1200 will be ready to use immediately after delivery.

Additional upgrades such as a back support or a writing board for order collectors can be bought separately for this product. Most frequently bought together with the Trike 1200 are a back support, the ECC13 and extra storage. More information on the additional upgrades can be found at the options tab.

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Technical specifications

 Technical specifications  Horti-Trike XL 1200
Drive Transaxle HortiTrike XL afmetingen
Max. weight driver 125 Kg
Load capacity 40 Kg
Nominal torque 400 N 
Towing capacity 1600 Kg (According to VDI 2198)
Weight 200 Kg
Material Steel
Post treatment Powder coating
Max speed forwards (turtle) 7 Km/h
Max speed forwards (hare) 10 Km/h
Max speed reverse (turtle) 5 Km/h
Max speed reverse (hare) 6 Km/h
Acceleration to max speed 4 s
Motor type Permanent magnet motor
Capacity 800 W
Battery type Gel
Battery voltage 24V (2x12V)
Battery capacity 130 Ah/C20, 110 Ah/C5
Battery weight 2 x 33 Kg
Battery charger 110/230V, 50-60 Hz. 24V, 8A
Controller Programmable I-Drive 140A


There are various options available on the HortiTrike XL 1200 and the HortiTrike XL 3000.
Below you find an overview of all the options.

Back support

Back support for HortiTrike

With a back support you can lean your lower back comfortably against a pillow.
Perfect for when you have to get off the vehicle frequently. Great for people who have to order pick, or for an inspector.

The lower back support feature is available for an additional €120.

Luxurious seating

Luxurious seating HortiTrike

The luxurious seat is especially designed for those who need to cover long distances on the HortiTrike. The seat comes with an adjustable suspension which can be set to three different settings.
The back support can be adjusted forwards and backwards, and seating area can also be adjusted forwards and backwards in order to increase or decrease the distance to the steering wheel.

Also available with the seat are arm rests and a seat belt.


The luxurious seat is available for an additional €250
Arm rests (left and right) for an additional €100
A belt is available for an additional €30


Crate for HortiTrike

On the back of the HortiTrike is room for placing a crate. The crate has a dimension of 60 x 40 cm and can be mounted with two bolts on each side.

The crate is available for an additional charge of  €50

Crate with seating

Crate with seat

When long distances need to be driven it is more comfortable to be able to sit down. We offer a simple solution for this is a crate on which a seat is mounted on the lid of the crate.

The crate with seating is available for an additional  €130

Orderpick plate

Orderpick plate for the HortiTrike

The orderpick plate is made for companies which use the HortiTrike to collect orders for customers. 
The plate has space for checklists, order notes and other administration. 
On the back is a special case for a pen and other equipment used by orderpickers. 
The orderpick plate is available for €35

Tow bar ECC51

For the transportation of trailers of wipponcars with a ECC52 connector a tow bar can be mounted. There are two options available.

ECC51 towbar for HortiTrike

With option 1 the tow bar is mounted on the backside of the HortiTrike. The tow bar then has a height of 27 cm from the floor, and costs an additional €35

High ECC51 tow bar

With option 2 the tow bar is mounted on top of the assembly.
With this the tow bar has a height of 60 cm from the floor, this makes the tow bar suitable for higher trailers or caravans.

This option costs an additional  €75

ECC13 coupler

ECC13 coupler HortiTrike

The ECC13 triangle has a tow eye of 31mm, suitable for VBA couplers and the ECC1 coupler.
Due to its design the coupler is entirely following the trail, and the triangle remains up thanks to the sprung construction when it's folded up.
The ECC13 coupler is available for an additional  €55.

Coupler holder

Coupler holder for the HortiTrike

This holder is made to collect the ECC1 and ECC2 couplers. 
After work you can hang the couplers easily on the hook. 
The coupler holder is available for €35

Solid rubber tires

Full rubber tires HortiTrike

If there is going to be a lot of driving on a terrain with a high flat tire risk you can opt to inject the tires with a synthetic solution.
This way you won't get a flat tire anymore.
The option costs an additional  €250


AGM batteries or upgrade to lithium?

Our vehicles comes standard with AGM batteries.
The AGM batteries are very common in the mobility, for example in electric trikes and electric scooters but even in boats and campers.

The AGM batteries are well tested in the mobility and they have big advances compared to the lead-acid batteries.
The lifetime of the AGM batteries are higher, the capacity is extended and they do not require to be refilled after a while so they maintenance free.

They do however still have downsides.
The batteries are sensitive for the loading behavior. Interrupting the 9 hours long charging program will have a strong effect on the lifetime.
Also frequently charging while the capacity is still above the 40% has a negative effect.
The vehicles can therefore not be charged in between coffee breaks what can be an issue when working in shifts.

The lithium battery, common used in electric bicycles, laptops and phones, are not sensitive about the charging behavior.
They can be charged with eased mind without considering the length of the charging program or the capacity.
The lifetime of lithium batteries are also 3 times as high as the lifetime of AGM batteries.

Also the capacity of lithium batteries is higher compared to the AGM battery.
Normally the vehicles are supplied with 2 (24V) or 4 (48V) AGM batteries but with lithium 1 (24V) or 2 (48V) is sufficient for the purpose.
The capacity of 2 AGM batteries is a bit higher compared to 1 lithium battery but we can supply the vehicles on request with 2 lithium batteries what passes the capacity of AGM batteries far.

See hereby the benefits of lithium compared to AGM listed:

  • Lifetime is 3 times as high
  • Short loading times are not a problem
  • Capacity per battery is 45% higher

The lithium batteries are more expensive when purchased but they are an excellent investment on the long term.