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The H-400 is an electric powered tug that is used for pulling heavy loads, such as transportation carts, roll containers, caravans, hospital beds, mail carts, garbage containers, shopping carts, aircraft trolleys, etc. You can also use it to pull Danish trolleys filled with shelves. Thanks to its compact size, it is easy to manoever and easily rides through anything. A new digital controller puts the braking energy back into the battery again. With the help of the optional remote control, multiple shopping carts or luggage carts can be transported by one person at an airport.
The H400 can be used for 24 hours after one battery charge. After being used for 24 hours, the battery pack can be changed.
L 90cm x W 51cm x H 104cm
Motor: 400 Watts
Wheels: 2 x H 25 cm x W 10cm
Accu/Controller: 24V/70A
Material: Galvanized steel and powdered coating
Tractive force: 1500Kg max.
Coupler for carts such as the: ECC13, ECC51 of ECC61
full rubber tires
extra battery pack

Tow m1 electric tug Zallys Electric Vehicles electric cart mover electric power pusher shopping and airport cart move

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

 Technical specifications  H400 
Drive Transaxle h400 afmetingen
Nominal torque 157 N 
Towing capacity 640 Kg
Weight 91 Kg
Material Steel
Post treatment Powder coating
Max speed forwards (turtle) 4 Km/h
Max speed forwards (hare) 6,5 Km/h
Max speed reverse (turtle) 4 Km/h
Max speed reverse (hare) 6,5 Km/h
Acceleration to max speed 5 s
Motor type Permanent magnet motor
Capacity 400 W
Battery type AGM
Battery voltage 24V (2x12V)
Battery capacity 50 Ah/C20, 46 Ah/C5
Battery weight 2 x 16,5 Kg
Battery charger 230V, 50-60 Hz. 24V, 8A
Controller Programmable I-Drive 70A



AGM batteries or upgrade to lithium?

Our vehicles comes standard with AGM batteries.
The AGM batteries are very common in the mobility, for example in electric trikes and electric scooters but even in boats and campers.

The AGM batteries are well tested in the mobility and they have big advances compared to the lead-acid batteries.
The lifetime of the AGM batteries are higher, the capacity is extended and they do not require to be refilled after a while so they maintenance free.

They do however still have downsides.
The batteries are sensitive for the loading behavior. Interrupting the 9 hours long charging program will have a strong effect on the lifetime.
Also frequently charging while the capacity is still above the 40% has a negative effect.
The vehicles can therefore not be charged in between coffee breaks what can be an issue when working in shifts.

The lithium battery, common used in electric bicycles, laptops and phones, are not sensitive about the charging behavior.
They can be charged with eased mind without considering the length of the charging program or the capacity.
The lifetime of lithium batteries are also 3 times as high as the lifetime of AGM batteries.

Also the capacity of lithium batteries is higher compared to the AGM battery.
Normally the vehicles are supplied with 2 (24V) or 4 (48V) AGM batteries but with lithium 1 (24V) or 2 (48V) is sufficient for the purpose.
The capacity of 2 AGM batteries is a bit higher compared to 1 lithium battery but we can supply the vehicles on request with 2 lithium batteries what passes the capacity of AGM batteries far.

See hereby the benefits of lithium compared to AGM listed:

  • Lifetime is 3 times as high
  • Short loading times are not a problem
  • Capacity per battery is 45% higher

The lithium batteries are more expensive when purchased but they are an excellent investment on the long term.

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