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When your Danish trolleys or CC containers need to meet high-quality standards and hygienic requirements, order our special Danish trolleys with a steel wire bottom instead of a wooden one.

This is the right choice when working in sectors like the catering industry, nurseries, and supermarkets. They are suitable for logistic businesses that deal with heavy loads in Danish trolleys as well.

No pathogens can develop in the wooden parts and the cart is easy to clean and disinfect. As a result, the Danish trolleys are also very suitable for usage in the food processing industry.

The trolleys with a steel wire bottom are resistant to high temperatures and can therefore be used in an oven. Sectors that work with animal products or culture that needs be dried in an oven can make use of the system with Danish trolleys which have successfully been applied by the floral industry for many years.

The steel wire bottom trolley comes standard with type 2 wheels and standard stands. The base frame has a hot-dip galvanized zinc protective layer. This layer is also chlorine resistant

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