Auction cart with aluminium base

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Auctioncarts are widely used in the Flora Holland flowerauction. These carts are used for transporting flowers during auction. One cart can hold up to nine large flower buckets and sixteen small flower buckets. This cart can also be used for regular transport or orderpicking large products and orders.

The auctioncart comes with a standard clutch which makes attaching the cart to a VBA easy, however the plates are not interchangeable. The base of this cart comes in Aluminium. An wooden base is also possible. A wooden base allows a higher load capacity than aluminium.

The standard dimensions for the posts are 180 cm long and 1.8 mm thick. Optional would be a thicker post of 2.3 mm or our thickest post of 2.5 mm thick which is made from hot dip galvanized steel.
The carts come standard with thick rubber wheels

Shelves are sold separately.

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