ECC61 coupling grabber for Danish Trolley

With the ECC61, you easily connect two or more Danish trolleys or CC containers to your H-400 puller.
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The ECC61 is a coupler for Danish trolleys and CC container which is specially designed for the H-400 puller.

With the ECC61 coupler, you easily couple two Danish Trolleys to a puller. Thanks to its innovative design, the coupling will automatically lock when pushed against a cart. By means of a foot pedal or a lever that is mounted on the puller, you easily detach the trolleys again.

The coupler ensures that the Danish trolleys completely follow the track, and becomes straight again when decoupling Danish trolleys and CC containers through a spring.

The ECC61 is made of heavy-duty steel and is electrolytically galvanized, which makes it very strong and suitable for industries which work with heavy loads.

For more information on the ECC61 or our other couplers, you may contact our customer service.

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