Type 1 fixed wheel for Danish trolleys

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The standard wheel for the Danish trolley and CC container with the characteristic red wheel made of hard plastic. Both fixed and swivel wheels are available at Horti-Innovations.
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Our type 1 wheel can be found under every standard Danish trolley and CC container.
Characteristics are the red wheel made of hard plastic and the gold colored caps and frame.

The wheel has a diameter of 120mm and a maximum load capacity of 150Kg per wheel.
The wheel is provided with a needle roller bearing.

At default we send new wheels, but we can offer wheels with light usage tracks with a discount.
The wheels are not second hand but used to move the Danish trolleys at the factory or our warehouse.
Available while supplies last.

At Horti-Innovations we offer four different types of wheels:

Type 1: Standard hard plastic wheels
Type 2: Hard plastic wheels of heavy duty quality
Type 3: Soft rubber wheels
Type 4: Soft rubber wheels of heavy duty quality

For more information about our different wheels and availability, please contact our customer service.

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Technical specifications

 Technical specifications Type 1 wheel
 Load capacity   150Kg 
 Kind of wheel  Hard wheel
 Kind of bearing  Needle roller bearing   
 Thickness of the steel    2,2mm
 Material rim  Polypropylene (PP) 
 Material wheel  Polypropylene (PP) 
 Diameter wheel  125mm
 Width wheel  36mm
 Mount dimensions   105x80mm - Ø 9mm 
 Total height  155mm
 Weight fixed wheel  610gr
 Weight swivel wheel  765gr